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    Bitcoin price 'to hit $2000' by end of the year 2014

    The price of one bitcoin will reach $2000 by the end of 2014, a venture capitalist has predicted - a 226pc increase from the virtual currency's present value.

    Speaking at CoinSummit in London on Thursday, Geoff Lewis, a partner at the Founders Fund, said he will be "really bullish when there is low volatility" but estimates that the value of one bitcoin will soar during the next five months.
    On Thursday afternoon, Bitcoin was trading at around $615, compared to almost $1,200 at the end of November. After a clampdown on the currency by Chinese authorities in May and the collapse of online exchange MtGox, its value has fallen steadily in the last six months.
    However, other industry experts agreed with the optimistic price predictions made by Mr Lewis. Millionaire investor Roger Ver, who has been called "Bitcoin Jesus" because of his backing of businesses involving the currency, said that he expects the price to boom.
    "I actually think $2000 is a pretty conservative estimate," he told The Telegraph. "We don't know for sure if it's going to happen in this year, but there's no doubt in my mind that Bitcoin's price is going to be thousands of dollars and, almost for sure, tens of thousands of dollars for one."
    Mr Ver, who in December 2013 donated 1,000 bitcoins to the Foundation for Economic Education, first became involved with Bitcoin in 2011, when it was priced at $1 per unit.
    "Currently, there are not enough bitcoins for every person in England to have one, and it is a worldwide currency that can be used by any person on the entire planet," he said."
    "If there are not even enough for each person in England to have one, the price of Bitcoin is going to have to be a heck of a lot more than it is today."
    There are now over 13m bitcoins in circulation, and analysts predict that there will be 8m user wallets by the end of the year.
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    MMM Indonesia dari Member Surabaya

    Beberapa member arisan berantai Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox atau Manusia Membantu Manusia (MMM) di Surabaya mulai ancang-ancang menempuh jalur hukum, dengan melaporkannya ke kepolisian.

    Mereka merasa tertipu karena uang yang disetorkan ke sistem MMM tak kunjung kembali.

    Hal ini dikatakan pengacara Muhammad Sholeh, pengacara muda Surabaya yang mengaku sudah didatangi beberapa member MMM.

    “Ada beberapa yang datang untuk konsultasi apakah ada unsur pidana dalam praktik MMM di Indonesia. Awalnya saya tidak mengambil kesimpulan. Para partisipan ini saya suruh presentasi bagaimana cara kerja MMM, kemudian saya perdalam modus-modusnya,” kata Sholeh, Kamis (4/9/2014).

    Dari kacamata Sholeh, ada celah hukum yang bisa ditempuh para partisipan yang merasa dirugikan.


    Make Bitcoin's With The World's First Digital Cloud Miner

    What's a Hashlet?

    Hashlets are the first ever Digital Cloud Miners and they earn Bitcoins 24/7. They never become obsolete and they’re easier to use than any other miner in the world.

    Bitcoin miners create (mine) valuable Bitcoins by connecting to the global Bitcoin network and help it run securely. People own bitcoin miners to make money, earn profit and stabilize the Bitcoin network.
    Are Hashlets Contract-Based?

    Hashlets are owned by you and will never expire. They’re owned and controlled via an online interface called ZenCloud.

    There’s no easier way to make Bitcoins than with a Hashlet. If you’re the kind of person who is new or experienced with earning Bitcoins, you will find a Hashlet that is right for you.
    Hashlet Prime vs Hashlet Solo?

    Hashlet Primes will possess all the features that any future Hashlet models have. They also have the ability to change between pools, access the ZenPool, and will continue to evolve as new features are created (like changing algorithms). Hashlet Solos earn payouts based on their designated pool.

    What are Hashlets?

    A Hashlet Solo is a Digital Cloud Miner that allows you to earn the payout of the of the pool it was made


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